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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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w                                                                             *

think, and a very. helpful one, because we see at once
that, if we Jiave been able to reach a level of know-
ledge, of love, poyer which is a little higher than that
of others, it is only in order that we may be of use.
Then He says:

Yet at the same time He is also a living plume oFfire,
raying out upon the woild the Divine Love which fills his

In point of fact, there are always two ways; the
Occult and the Mystic. The Occultist makes his way
by work; the Mystic retires into himself as it were,
and appears from the outside to be thinking only of
himself, and of his own relation to God. Perhaps,
indeed, we shall be doing him no injustice if we say—
in many cases that is the idea which dominates
him—that he shall become utterly one with God.
But even in the act of so becoming he must send out,
and he does send out, a tremendous influence on all
the world around him; so that it is not possible to say
he is entirely selfish, because he is producing a great
effect upon those about him. Our idea as Occultists
is to raise ourselves step" by step through all the
different stages until, at a certain high level of Initia-
tion, we can merge our consciousness in the Third
Aspect of the Deity ; then in the Second Aspect; then
in the First. The Mystic throws himself into the
Divine Life here as he stands; but it is a lower
manifestation of the Divine Life, and he has to work
his way up in that.